Project: Liebesbrief courier
Details: The "Liebesbriefkurier" project demonstrates the connection between the offline and online worlds, both of which complement each other and can create added value in a meaningful combination. Added value for interpersonal relationships, added value for emotions that are no longer only transmitted digitally.

Liebesbriefkurier is inspired by the loneliness of lead actor Joaquin Phoenix in the movie "Her." His need for love ultimately leads him to fall in love with his operating system, a kind of hyper-modern "Siri" as we know it from the iPhone. The covid pandemic has meant that while we can exchange love virtually through Zoom meetings or remote work, we are physically distanced from each other by lockdowns and social distancing. The physical delivery of love messages takes on a different dynamic in which it is not simply sent with a click, but a person jogs from A to B carrying a physical object in the form of a letter. The jogger connects two people who are emotionally close but physically separated with a message that stands out among the thousands of other messages.

The love letter as a means of communication differs in its form communication channels such as Whatsapp messages, zoom calls or mails. Above all, the performative character, the race, and the temporal distance create impact. The physical message in the form of a letter creates a lasting impression, a different presence in the daily routine of the recipient in the home office or private lockdown. be considered.

The "Love Letter Courier" project also demonstrates how today's media and communication landscape works and how effective communication can be created through relationships as well as an action that works emotions. In the broadest sense, the project can also be understood as "art marketing" or artistic criticism and questioning of today's communication and its understanding.

The media attention of "Liebebriefkurier" arose from the timing, which included Valentine's Day. A chain of coverage developed that extended locally into the national media - from online coverage on a news portal to print reports to TV and radio broadcasts. The form of the message has always been the same, but the output has changed and adapted. This has also given rise to a small body of "artistic" or "practice-based" research.

Liebesbriefkurier is proof that despite all the technological channels of communication, an immediate and personal form triggers stronger emotions. The project aims to make the form of communication more human again for the deepest human emotion, love, by using the courier to convey the message. To the one-to-one relationship with a telephone or computer is added a transmitter. This gives the letter an added value that is more formative than the daily flow of countless digital messages.

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