Buoyant market
31. Januar 2013



Wooden-hull motorboats were a status symbol on the lakes of Germany’s leafy capital between the world wars; their shape earned them the nickname “Berlin cigars”. Today, Klink & Krüger, a shipyard on the shores of the city’s popular Müggel lake, is restoring these rare luxury ves- sels for aficionados; up to 5,000 man hours are required to get each boat seaworthy. “During the Second World War, many of these jewels were sunk or removed
by the Russians,” says Carsten Klink, co-owner of Klink & Krüger. As a result, even less-than- pristine examples can fetch up
to €15,000. “Our staff turns every screw and sands every inch of wood by hand,” says Klink. “It’s a scene that takes joy in the crafts- manship of the boats. It’s got nothing to do with jet-set boaters on the French Riviera.” Partner Malte Krüger concurs. “Our customers are more comparable with wealthy bicycle freaks than snobby Ferrari drivers.” — dt

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