Charging ahead
21. August 2012

New Monocle Issue 56 with a little report of me about Greenwheel in the Entrepreneur´s Guide.

electric city bike

Charging ahead

Tapping into the electric bike boom, Greenwheel is a smart innovation from Switzerland that slots into nearly any conventional bike, eliminating the need for riders to change to a whole new model. Entrepreneur Butch Gaudy (above) originally hails from NewYork but is a pioneer on the Swiss cycling scene, founding mtb Cycletech bike company and having imported the first mountain bike to the country in the early 1980s. Gaudy developed Greenwheel together with Taiwanese student Michael Lin in 2009 as a part of the interdisciplinary Smart Cities project at mit. “We’re targeting city dwellers who are exposed to the continuous stop-and-go of urban traffic,” says Gaudy.The smart design gives bikes the look of a normal city bike and allows them sudden bursts of acceleration at traffic lights – up to 25km/h.Time-consuming starts at intersections and arduous hill climbs become child’s play. — dt

why it works: The electric motor is built into the back wheel, weighs 6kg and can last 30km after a full recharge, which takes little longer than a stop for coffee and cake.

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