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Avantgarde Diaries (New York)
6. Juni 2012

Stephan Sigrist is the founder of W.I.R.E. (Web for Interdisciplinary Research & Expertise), a Zurich based think tank that strives to encourage an interdisciplinary cooperation between theory and praxis. Depending on their varying projects, that cover subjects on society, health, technology or education, W.I.R.E. draws on the knowledge of experts from different fields.

From a trend researcher’s point of view, Sigrist is convinced that in the future, Europe along with the western world will need to move away from a pure consumerist attitude, returning to production in order to overcome current crises.

“To not only speak of, but to actually create things, that is avant-garde to me,” says Sigrist. For him Technology Will Save Us is a pioneering project in this sense. Daniel Hirschmann is one of the co-founders and calls his enterprise a “haberdashery for technology and education.” His objective is to make technology more tangible through do-it-yourself kits, and to give the consumer a better understanding when it comes to purchasing products and making full use of their application.
“We see ourselves as part of the ‘maker-community’ – people, who take things apart with the intention to recycle and re-use them”, says Hirschmann. He believes in a new movement that will bring people back from an online world to a more offline world. “Nowadays, people would like to know what constitutes a complex product.”

Production: David Torcasso and Vanessa Obrecht / Filming and Photos: Cleo Vogler and Paul Meaden / Sound recordist: Alysha Sayami Vogler / Editing: Konterfei / Music: Bunnystripes

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