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Buoyant market31. Januar 2013

Wooden-hull motorboats were a status symbol on the lakes of Germany’s leafy capital between the world wars; their shape earned them the nickname “Berlin cigars”. Today, Klink & Krüger, a shipyard on the shores of the city’s popular Müggel lake, is restoring these rare luxury ves- sels for aficionados; up to 5,000 man hours are required to …

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Charging ahead21. August 2012

New Monocle Issue 56 with a little report of me about Greenwheel in the Entrepreneur´s Guide.

electric city bike
Charging ahead

Tapping into the electric bike boom, Greenwheel is a smart innovation from Switzerland that slots into nearly any conventional bike, eliminating the need for riders to change to a whole new model. Entrepreneur Butch Gaudy (above) originally hails from NewYork but is a …

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